Z-Net I v1.2 - Almost Ready!

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm finally almost finished with v1.2. I've stated it several times before in the dev log post I was maintaining on the forum, but this time it's even more true. So much so that I feel its worth post a news update about.

I have added all the features that I want to for now. I can't think of any more tweaks to make. And I am no longer finding bugs by myself. Stafos has been a big help with testing, but he too is finding little else on his own. And that's our entire roster of beta testers! I had 3 others for the pre v1.0 beta last year, and even then felt that was lacking, so I most certainly do now as well. More so after fixing several bugs now that should have been caught then.

Last year I did an semi-open beta, where the client was released as a beta only available on the forums. The idea is sound and I feel like I'd want to do that again. But the fact is, the community is to small. It can't afford to split users between 2 versions of the client right now. I don't want everyone using the beta, but I do want some people using it. But no one will for long if there's to few people to play with.

This is my dilemma for now. Hopefully soon I'll make up my mind, and make the final sweep with the code.


watjijwil said...

looking forward to it, appreciate the hard work and time..greets from amsterdam, the netherlands

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