Z-Net is both a team name and the name of a series of projects.

It started with a mIRC script called just "Z-Net", whose purpose was to be an extension of chatting on IRC and allow quicker, easier, and generally automated connection of ZSNES netplay games.

Years later it underwent a revamp as "Z-Net 2.0", seeing a rethought GUI and a expanded list of supported Emulators to include VirtuaNES, Mupen32k, and Gens 2.14. Going unreleased was official support for MAME32k among other things.

Years later after that "Z-Net I" was released. This version abandoned the tie-in with mIRC and was a completely self sustained executable. This project now went back to the roots as being just for ZSNES, and was purely released as a replacement for the now missing zbattle.net.

Currently Z-Net I is the most current, and only active version in use.