Why can't I connect to Z-Net I? It says "ERROR: Socket could not connect" or the connection attempt counter keeps going up.

This is often due to either a software firewall, or a VPN tunneling program like Hamachi or Tunngle. Disable the VPN program or disable your software firewall if you don't want to figure how to allow Z-Net I to connect with it enabled (port 6665-7000). If neither of these are the case, then the issue could either be that the IRC servers are having connection issues (it's rare), or you are. In the case that it's your connection, what could be the issue is a connection limit has been reached with your ISP or router, possibly due to a Torrent client running somewhere on your network. Check that no network intensive programs are running anywhere on your network, and maybe try restarting your router. Other reason might purely be to to bandwidth limits. Like in the case where someone on your network is downloading a large file or is streaming a video.

Why am I getting "Socket could not connect" or other errors when the download button is pressed?

This is almost always due to whoever is hosting not having the correct ports forwarded in their router/modem or allowed by their firewall. The host needs to have the port 4000 forwarded by default, with TCP/UDP or "both" selected.

I forward port 4000. But people still can't download from me. Help!

What is often the cause of this is incorrectly chosing UDP instead of TCP, or the need to reconnect to your router since forwarding your port. This can be done by unplugging/replugging your network cable, right clicking your network icon and selecting disconnect then right clicking again and selecting connect, or if its easier for you, restarting your computer.

What's port forwarding? How do I do that?

Many modems and routers act as a firewall. A firewall blocks access to your computer from other people on the internet. This is done for your computers safety. But with many online programs and games this gets in the way. This is were port forwarding comes in. Rather than making your entire computer accessible from the internet, port forwarding allows you to just allow access to a specific program or game by unblocking the port(s) that that program uses. There's a port forwarding guide available here.

Why does nothing happen when I press Start?

The majority of the time that this happens is because you're using ZSNES v1.51. This version does not have netplay. You need either v1.42 or v1.36. But its best to have both since v1.42 has more compatibility, but desyncs more than v1.36.

Can I play with more then 2 players?

Yes and no. But most commonly for the reasons this question is asked, no. ZSNES itself only supports 2 separate connections during netplay. The Host (generally Player1) and the Client (generally Player2). This is a limitation out of Z-Net I's control as it's an issue with ZSNES itself. You can however have a 3-5 players play if 2-3 of them share the same computer. Meaning if your friend(s) is/are in the same room as you, one of you can use the keyboard and the other(s) can use a GamePad, sharing the same screen, just like you would with a real SNES.

Why are there so few users online when I connect?

This issue is a problem for a program like this when it's starting out and trying to establish a community. The issue is fed by the fact that when users log on and don't see many people on, they consider the program as dead and to often leave immediately. But when they see say, 15 people on they're willing to stick around longer. Another thing that adds to the issue is users being lazy. A lot aren't willing to host their own game rooms for a game they want to play and instead expect to see someone else hosting a room for that game. If not, they either leave to quickly or wait around for someone to host it. Also you might be comparing the user count to what you remember of zbattle. That program was around for over a decade, with many links to its website around the net, guides for it, videos about it, etc. This was almost all done by it's users and over time, where as Z-Net I is effectively starting from scratch again. Finally, popularity for SNES emulation in general has and is going to decline over time due to the people who grew up with it aging, younger users caring more about modern systems/games, and things like Wii Virtual Console and emulators existing as homebrew apps on more modern consoles.

How can I help?

If you want to help the Z-Net I project, the simplest and best thing you can do is tell people about it! The more users that know about it, the more you and others have to play with, and the healthier the Z-Net I community will be in general. Post on forums, Facebook, blogs, emulation sites, YouTube videos, etc. It really does help. Also, search engines rank pages higher on searches based on how many links to that page exist on the internet. The higher the rank, the easier it is for users to find or stumble upon the Z-Net website. Remember that if you're posting about Z-Net to non-English communities, to supply a translated copy of the rules. Doing so helps everyone in the long run.

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Unknown said...

When me and someone else plays it works for awhile but then something odd happens. We see different screens, like one of us will be done with the battle, the other still playing. Never heard of this happening. We keep seeing different things.

DarkAkuma said...

Sounds like standard desyncing issues. It happens. It's kind of unavoidable. Well you can use ZSNES v1.36 rather than ZSNES v1.42 to experience desyncing issues less often.

Necturion said...

In zsnes u can play with up to 4 players online not 2 lol

DarkAkuma said...

No. You can't.

At least in the way you probably think you can. The FAQ question above is very clear and accurate, so I won't reiterate anything from it.

I will add though that I know for a fact that ZSNES does not support online play with 3+ computers, if only for the fact that I helped test some compiled attempts made that targeted doing just that. For whatever reason they didn't work, but there would have been no reason for pagefault (a ZSNES developer) to even try to make those builds if the normal ZSNES didn't support it.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, if you have played ZSNES online before with 2 other people, those people were playing on the same computer and you were too ignorant to realize it.

I'm sorry, this topic is brought up WAY to much, and I'm so sick of it, I no longer have much patience for it.

Unknown said...

whenever i click on create a game room nothing happens. ive tried everything to fix this but nothing will. if i join someones room leave then try to create a room it will work but if i just try to create a room nothing happens. any ideas?

Unknown said...

My friend and I are both using 1.42, have our firewalls disabled, made sure we had both ports open and have the same file and yet we still can't get it to work. It prompts us if we want to run the application for our ZSNES versions but when we hit run nothing happens when either of us as Host clicks on Start. I am at my wits end and I don't know what else to do.

Unknown said...


Tnks by the Z-net server...

The people create this can create something similar but,for NES ?

Could be exellent...

Reggards from Mexicoo

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to run Z-Net I v1.2 Beta in wine. I installed dotnet11, dotnet20, dotnet30 and still crashes. What's missing?

Unknown said...

Is nobody on anymore?

Unknown said...

working now?

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