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Z-Net I v1.2.0.3

Thursday, June 06, 2013

This build is a completely optional build. In it is just a few bug fixes, but mostly it's a debug/diagnostic build.

I've spent hours trying to diagnose the causes of several bugs, but sadly all I've come up with is theory's with no hard facts supporting them. Part of the difficulty of solving these issues are that the problems reside on the remote end, and all the data I can collect and review is on the local end of course. Often the remote end doesn't even know his ZNI bugged. These issues happen randomly too with no reported method of reproduction. And when they do happen, 95% of the time it's with a non-English speaking user. I'd probably even say 75% of the time it's with a user who just doesn't care about helping ZNI get through the beta by actually helping.

I've turned debug output back on by default for this build. So when the issues happen to the rare users I can talk to and are willing to help, they can submit debug logs.

But with this version, I do have to warn you. This has been specially coded to send debug info for a particular bug to a bot. Nothing personal is sent, which with ZNI would pretty much just be private messages. Whats sent is copys of channel wide messages. This is done to so that in the event a rare bug happens, I can see what that bug was created from. Normal debug.txt logging and submission to me would be insufficient, and would likely require a great amount of time waiting for all the stars to align (english speaking user, a user that cares, and the bug actually happening.). The other bugs are more common to the point that the debug.txt alone should prove sufficient, if anything will.

With this said, if you for some reason you don't believe me and feel this version is a privacy/security concern, then don't use it. If you're fine with it however, please download it and be prepared to be contacted by me to discuss a bug when it happens to you, and possibly send me your entire, or part of your debug.txt.

Z-Net I v1.2.0.3 Download