Z-Net I v1.2.0.2 BETA

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The previous build has informed me about an issue were sometimes a protocol message would be ignored when it shouldn't be. This is a likely bug to see with the way ZNI now validates protocol messages, since the validation process has to decide if a message is real or fake. The issue is that some messages that should be valid are getting seen as false, and some messages that should be valid are getting created in a way that would cause them to be false. I've done my best and generated theory's as to why this happens. I've concluded the bug happens in 4 forms. I have fixed 2 of them with a reasonable amount of certainty. However the other 2 are still a mystery. My best guess was it is due to some of my IRC code, which since I created it for ZNI I have improved on with other projects. My best attempt at a fix to the remaining 2 versions of the bug was to transplant the code from those projects into ZNI, and hope it fixes the remaining issues.

So you know, the issue happens fairly uncommonly. I'd say even less often then 1/100 protocol transmissions, but its hard to say if more or less really. For me having ZNI messages work 99% of the time isn't enough. I want it at 99.9999% if not 100%.

If you want to know how the issue effects you when it happens, say someone hosts a new room. A protocol message sends out for that event, but its signed with a signature that other clients will see as false. Those other users ZNIs wil ignore that message, and no one will see that users room listed except himself. Or say you're in a room with someone, they select a game, a scan starts on your end, a match is found, a protocol message is sent back to tell the host you have a match, but that message is signed incorrectly. The host will ignore it, and will think the scan on your end is taking forever. Neither side will realize whats going on until a significant amount of time passes causing them to realize somethings up.

As you can tell, this bug can be quite disruptive when it happens. I hope I fixed it, but I'm not going to assume I have until I see otherwise.

This version would be semi-compatible with v1.2.0.1. A change has been made to make things more stable, but would make things even more unstable between different versions. So a upgrade will be forced.

Other then that issue, I fixed a problem with the Download button crashing the Client side when pressed. And I also crammed in a few additions as well. You can find the full change list below.

I'm going to re post a portion of my last post again as it still applies.

Anyone posting about this directly to non-English users, please translate this as well as a copy of the included Rules.txt.

This is a Beta. Feedback about the bugs and issues is the primary goal right now. This is not meant for re-distribution, and should only be made available through www.z-net.us. If you feel you want to link to it, please link to the named website instead. Please also supply translations of the Rules.txt as needed.

That message applies to English speaking users as well. While I've made many strides to better facilitate the use of Z-Net I by users of multiple languages, English speaking users have always been and will always be the target audience. I can not account for all the possible languages, so I won't even attempt to account for any. So it's in the hands of the users to translate anything users need to know if sharing Z-Net I directly with non-English speakers.

 And finally, here's the new beta! =)

Download Z-Net I v1.2.0.2 BETA

Fixed 2 issues with discarding protocol messages.
Attempting to fix 2 issues with discarding messages. Attempting because I'm not certain about the cause.
Fixed a crash with the download feature.
Fixed a issue with Region tags in the the Ignore & Allow lists not loading.
Added a change to not scroll down to the bottom of the chat when a new message is added, if you're scrolled up viewing history.
Fixed being able to type in the input field of the client window while its disabled. Like when the Host closes his end.
Added a message to the Client side window when the Client joins a Host successfully.
Added an optional announcement message in the Chat Lobby for when a user hosts a new room. Default is off. Set announcerooms=1 in the [options] section of your ini to enable this.


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