No More Forums

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I'm writing this to inform users that the forums will not be coming back. They went down a couple weeks ago, were slated to be back up a couple days ago, and that just didn't work out.

The reason I will simply put is "free hosts". And that's also the reason they won't be coming back. I'm sick of dealing with free hosts. I could try to find another, but given my numerous past experiences, there's no reason to believe things wont just wind up the same. All the hassle just isn't worth it when they're not used all that much.

I might as well post it here, but don't use the hosts 000webhosting or They both essentially scam the users of the free service my drumming up phony/BS claims in an attempt to make you pay for their premium service. 000webhosting is the worse of the 2 as they do what I can only describe as extortion to get you to pay for their premium service. Just want that warning out there.

Sorry for the lack of forums from now on. Hopefully the blog comments can suffice.


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