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What Emulator do you want Z-Net 3 to support first?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

There can be only one!

Well at least to start off with...

Yes, Z-Net 3 will support an unlimited number of emulators and other programs/games. So why am I talking about only supporting one? That's because I've decided that during development and initial testing it would be more beneficial to remain focused. And when moving into a public beta phase it wouldn't be wise to have all the users split among different emulators.

I will still be working on first party addons to support other emulators as well. But mainly just to understand commonality between many different emulators and keep Z-Net 3 designed well for supporting so many. Doing so will help ensure future addons, whether made by me or whoever, will work more seamlessly with the project.

Now with that all said, we have a new question! What will that one emulator be?

ZSNES may seem obvious. But why remain so narrow minded? As nice as ZSNES has been for Z-Net and zbattle all these years, why not get Z-Net 3 started off with something new?

Some of you may think "Ok then, RetroArch!".

Haha... Nice try!

While it may be packaged and advertised as a single emulator, it's not to Z-Net 3. I've worked with adding RetroArch support to Z-Net 3, and to do so properly it's different cores are identified individually. Choosing RetroArch as a whole as the first and only supported emulator for awhile would split users up just the same as supporting several emulators.

So again...

What emulator will Z-Net 3 support first?