Back Online

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Well. I'm sorry. I'm still done with this project, but it was meant to stay online. Sadly though, no one informed me that at some point it went offline, and I've just assumed it was online still. Its probably been offline a while. At least a few months, maybe a few years.

Anyway. Its back online now. If it goes offline again, someone try to get a hold of me and let me know.


Unknown said...

thanks me and a friend pan to play gundam endless duel

PersianImm0rtal said...

Hey I just want to say thank you for keeping this service running, You are a legend!

salll said...

That's great man thanks. last time I tired to use it only 1 or no persons wss ever on there so i assumed noone goes on it anymore. I had no idea it was offline

mario said...

awesome man thanks. hopefully more players will jump on this thing

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