The Z-Net projects are FreeWare hobby projects. But the websites and some future plans will need money to run well or at all. Ad revenue from the ads that you see (if you're not blocking them), just doesn't even come close to covering things right now, if it ever will in the future.

Knowing that, if you enjoy using these projects, website, forums, etc. And if you want to see the projects have a future and contribute in some way, donations are welcome!

If you would like to donate, the best option to do so right now is:

Email donations [ at ] . (replacing the [ at ] part with a @ as should be expected)

Make sure to include Donation somewhere in the title.

Alternatively you can use this method:

1.) Create a forum account. Here
2.) Send a Private Message to "donations" stating as such. Here
3.) When he responds, he will inform you as to how proceed from there.

You should recieve the responce in both your forum Private Message box, and your registered email.

Donations are taken through PayPal. They can be any amount you desire. You don't have to state your donation amount at any time during the process.

At the moment, no special privileges, access, colors, labels, ranks, etc are given for donators. Perhaps in the future, but there are no plans for such things right now. So if you want to donate, do it simply because you want to.