WARNING: A lack of speaking English will not be accepted as an excuse of any breaking of a rule.


Rule 1.

Only use proper and real named ROM files. Proper names would be those which contain the games full real name (or abbreviation for commonly known games). Additionally region/language tags, version numbers, translation percentages, and hack group names are acceptable. Anything else will get you banned!

Rule 2.

No advertizing! Period. This includes asking users about using other services instead of Z-Net I.
Rule 3.

Do not harass or disrupt other users in any way. This includes repeatedly joining them after being kicked, or exploitation of a bug, among other things. You should know full well if what your doing applies to this rule or not.

Rule 4.

Do not join the IRC channel used by the program on any other IRC compatible client other than the official Z-Net I client. The channel linked to on the "Chat" page IS NOT the same channel, and can be joined freely.

Rule 5.

Do not blatantly steal other peoples names. This includes altering it just slightly to the result of confusing people into thinking you are someone you are not. Most importantly, do not impersonate Admins and Mods. This ill get you permanently banned.

Rule 6.

Keep your player names inoffensive and otherwise "PG". Don't use them as a form of communication. Also, choose a real nickname. Don't use gibberish or excessive amount of few characters.


Suggestion 1.

ZSNES 1.42 is the most recommended version you should use. The next alternative to choose from after that is 1.36. 1.42n will not work with Z-Net I.

Suggestion 2.

Please for the sake of other users enjoyment, do your very best to confirm your router is properly setup before trying to play. Especially before trying to host a game.

Suggestion 3.

Z-Net is open to users of many languages. But it is founded around the English language with use intended to be by English speakers. So understand that if you don't speak English and want to use it, it's your job to find translations for any of this sites contents that's deemed important, like the Rules and FAQ. A lack of speaking English will never be accepted as an excuse for breaking any rules.

Suggestion 4.

Limited preparation from the user who has had his name stolen must be taken before we can take any action. If you do not want someone using your chosen name, for us to take any action against someone for stealing it you need to have a forum account here with that name, and must be willing to log into that account. This is the only way we can prove who is who. Any name theft of someone without a forum account has no guarantee of action being taken against the offender. Sorry.