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Sunday, February 03, 2013


I caved in, and went out of pocket to buy a REAL domain now! Welcome to !

Hopefully I will keep this URL for a good long time.

Donations will still be accepted and are encouraged to help offset my out of pocket expenses. Read the original post below for more info.

Original Post:

Obviously this time though, it's the domain name. I use as my domain register, because it's a short domain, I could register the name I wanted, and it's free. But it seems that, just as with free server hosts, free domain hosts suck.

Today my domain name went offline, and my account with the domain register is gone. I had an issue once before were my domain disappeared and I could/had to re-register the it again. And since then things worked fine. During that downtime I submitted tickets that never got responses, and I still don't know wtf the reasons were. This time though seems different. My domain name is still unavailable. I forget if my account disappeared last time, but it seems to have this time.

I'm able to register new accounts, and new domain names, so it seems to be effecting only me nd my normal account. And I have no clue as to why. I submitted a ticket, but based on my experience last time, it probably wont do any good because still after like 6 months, I haven't got a response to that.

This BS is frustrating, and I just feel like I don't know wtf to do anymore. I hate the thought of it, but I'm now considering going out of pocket to get a REAL domain name. I've looked into opening up a PayPal donations link, but there are some issues with doing so. But for now I guess I can say, if you want to donate just gt a hold of me and I'll tell you how. Sadly, my main email went away with the domain, so I cant refer you to that. Instead I guess, private message me your email in the chat room (I'm often busy, and don't usually respond right away there), or send me a private message on the forum when I get that setup with a url again. If you do so, I'll email you everything you need to know.


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