Z-Net I v1.2 Semi-Private Beta

Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's time now! The Z-Net I v1.2 Beta is now available to theoretically everyone. Theoretically because it's not available in the download section of this site. It's being made available only to users who join the IRC channel for now. Anyone can join and get the beta, but that's the only place to get it from.

Simply join and type "!beta" without the quotes. This is done to be more limiting of the amount of people using it until a healthy amount of bugs and issues are ironed out. And also in hope of starting to develop a group chat community in the IRC channel and Chat Lobby.

As usual, for discussing bugs and informing me about them in hopes of me fixing them, the forums are the place for that. Particularly this forum. I should also mention that since this is a beta, feedback/bug reports are the main goal. As such this is even more targeted at English speaking users, as you would need to be able to convey any issues you find in a way that I can understand. Machine translation is not helpful. Sorry. There are no plans to deny non-English speaking users at this time, but that could change if to many users are as such.

I hope to see people using it and enjoying it! =)


Unknown said...

como lo descargo amigo el z-net beta

Unknown said...

me puedesa yudar

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