How to Help

Besides just being an active part of the community, we could use people to help with these tasks/roles:

  • Beta Testers (Z-Net I)
  • Moderators (Z-Net I)
  • Web Developer (Layout)
  • Web Developer (Art)
  • Web Developer (Advertisement)
  • Web Developer (PHP Data Tracking/Management)
  • Interface GFX Artist (Z-Net 3)

What we specifically DO NOT NEED are:

  • Developers for the Z-Net I, Z-Net 3, or Z-Band projects themselves.
  • Forum Moderators (At this time)

Beyond that, the income from the advertizements on this website does not cover the costs to maintain it or our future plans. Also, DarkAkuma invests a lot of time into these projects that are offered freely, and gets nothing out of it. So donations are encouraged.

If you would like to donate, go here to find out how: